NCG Top 100s England: They took our breath away!

NCG Top 100s England: They took our breath away!

One of the joys of roaming around our green and pleasant land is stumbling on a new course that makes you beam. Here are some of the places that rocked our panellists' worlds as they navigated the top 100 golf courses in England...

New Zealand

I absolutely loved New Zealand – a beautiful, tranquil place to play with an interesting set of holes. If it were me, it would probably be a bit higher in the list. - Greg Webber


I went with modest expectations and was really taken aback by the middle section of the course, with some fantastic land. They are doing a really good job in terms of the width of the course. The condition was superb. - Ed Battye

Cleeve Hill

I’d never heard of Cleeve Hill before and then was drawn to the attention that it was going to close down . As quirky as it is, Old Tom Morris did a fantastic job with the layout. - Niall Flanagan

Dunstanburgh Castle

It’s a lovely place to play golf. A beautiful setting and, from the 4th hole in, it was a really solid links golf course in a great location. I was really chuffed to see it sneak into the list. - Steve Watton


Epic, stunning, beautiful – I can throw in a few more superlatives if you want. - Steve Carroll

Little Aston

So much more complex and challenging than expected.  A great discovery. - George Oldham


I thought it was a fun layout, with some really good holes and stunning views. A beautiful warm, sunny morning also helped! - Neil Gray


Proper heathland golf, with loads of interesting, unique features including a succession of natural blow holes forming waste area type defences. Great turf too. - Tom Irwin

I really fell for Yelverton. In fact, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been before. It’s Herbert Fowler genius, with wild horses nibbling the grass and a backdrop of Dartmoor. I’ll be back before long. - Dan Murphy

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