The NCG Top 100s Podcast: Seacroft

The NCG Top 100s Podcast: Seacroft

This year we are updating our NCG Top 100s rankings of the best golf courses in England.

In this series of the NCG Podcast, Dan Murphy and Steve Carroll speak to a variety of clubs – some already in the Top 100 Golf Courses in England list and some looking to get in – for an in-depth discussion about what goes on behind the scenes at some of the country's finest courses. It's a great way to learn more about the best courses in England.

The NCG Top 100s Podcast: Seacroft

One of English golf’s true outposts, Seacroft is on the Lincolnshire coast separated from the great Norfolk links by The Wash.

Designed by Willie Fernie, the club famously failed to act on the subsequent advice of the great Alister MacKenzie. Now the links is being lovingly restored by Clyde Johnson to rave reviews, as we found out in episode five of the NCG Top 100s Podcast.

NCG Top 100s: England

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