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Cornelia is one of the most complete resorts on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list, and it is also one of eleven venues in an incredible stretch of Turkish coast, with the likes of Antalya GC, Maxx Royal Belek, Carya, Sueno and the Robinson Nobilis all within a ten mile radius of Mediterranean coastline.

Located where it is, less than 45 minutes from the Turkish capital and its airport, Cornelia is in a sublime region for golf, and the level of the Cornelia Resort compliments that, welcoming guests from all over the world to sample its delights.

Sir Nick Faldo is the man behind the golf course at Cornelia, which features 27 stunning holes. It can be played in three loops - The King Course (1-18), The Queen Course (10-27) and the Prince Course (19-27, 1-9). The David Leadbitter Academy chose Cornelia as its first location on Turkish soil, and provides lessons and tuition for all golfers, no matter their age or ability.

When it comes to accommodation, the Cornelia Resort is in a world of its own. The Cornelia De Luxe Resort and the Cornelia Diamond Resort show off the region brilliantly, with an array of accommodation options, from standard rooms all the way up to Presidential Suites. The Cornelia Azure Villas add another level to that, providing a more private place to rest your head in between your games of golf. 

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Cornelia Overview | NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts

The Faldo Course

With its 27 hole championship golf course designed by one of the world's most famous golfers - Sir Nick Faldo - the Cornelia Golf Club offers golf enthusiasts a true test of their games.

The golf course, which forms the centrepiece of the Cornelia Golf Resort, has been designed in a natural environment among large pines and natural sand sub oil. A broad dune ridge runs right across the course and is a major part of several of the holes, with elevated tees and greens on many holes.

The 27-hole course can be played in three ways. The King Course incorporates holes 1 to 18, with the Queen Course taking holes 10 to 27. The Prince Course has holes 19 to 27, before coming back to the start and finishing off with holes 1 to 9.

In total, the 27 hole lay-out has 75 deep and challenging bunkers to be navigated around, with water hazards also in play at times during a round. The 7th hole is the signature hole at the Cornelia Golf Course, which comes into play on both the King and Prince lay-outs.

The Leadbitter Golf Academy

With the expertise and viewpoint of David Leadbitter, the Cornelia Resort gives a new look on golf practice and training. The Leadbitter Golf Academies, which are in service in the distinguished golf centres of Europe, USA and Asia, have an international network throughout the world. 

The David Leadbitter Academy has a driving range which can be used from both ends. There are also three putting greens and two chipping and pitching greens to hone the short game skills. Separate practice areas are also allocated for group sessions.

The David Leadbitter Golf Academy Cornelia provides an array of tuition, lessons and clinics. From individual one-hour lessons, to group packages and bulk packages as well. There are also on-course lessons on the Faldo Course, where you can learn course management. All lessons at the David Leadbitter Golf Academy Cornelia use the latest software, including video analysis. 

A Range of High Quality Accommodation

There are several hotels that come under the overarching range of Cornelia Hotel.Golf.Spa. The Cornelia De Luxe Resort and the Cornelia Diamond Resort are the hotels of the resort, while the Cornelia Azure Villas provide that bit more privacy.

Cornelia De Luxe Resort
The Cornelia De Luxe Resort has a lot to offer in terms of room choice. From the standard rooms in the main building, to those with a view of the gardens. They also host family rooms, which can sleep four adults and two children.

The Villa Junior Suites add a bit of luxury to a stay at the Cornelia De Luxe. You can dive into the pool from your room and enjoy a beautiful natural atmosphere where you can feed the squirrels in the pine trees. Meanwhile, the De Luxe Suites have their own private jacuzzis, with the Grand De Luxe being the creme de la creme at the hotel. 

Cornelia Diamond Resort
Like the De Luxe Resort, the Diamond Resort’s basic rooms are sprinkled with luxury. The Classic and Executive Classic Rooms all feature king-sized beds, separate bath and shower, a private balcony and much more.

There are family rooms and family suites to cater to the needs of those bringing their children, while the Cornelia Diamond also holds Blue Suites, with incredible views over the Mediterranean Sea. Harmony, Diamond and Presidential Suites are the best of the best at the Cornelia Diamond, and offer incredible luxury for guests staying in these rooms. 

Cornelia Azure Villas
The Azure Villas at Cornelia are the most private of the resort’s accommodation options. With a range of two and three bedroom villas available, there is plenty to choose from. For bigger families, the three bedroom villas are the perfect choice for a stay on the Mediterranean Sea coastline.

Crassula Eco Spa

The Crassula Eco Spa is available at both the Cornelia De Luxe Resort and the Cornelia Diamond Resort. The Spa offers 100% organic products and treatments to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its guests, as they can relax and rewind on holiday.

Saunas, steam rooms, shock pool, recreation areas and traditional Turkish Hammam can all be enjoyed by guests of the resort. This special Hammam treatment and atmosphere is often called ''Turkish Bath''. It is a traditional Turkish bath with pouch exfoliation and foam washing that helps to clean the pores of skin from impurities and dead cells.

The Spas both offer a range of treatments, including massages, deep tissue massages and facial treatments. There is a more extensive range of options at the Cornelia Diamond Resort, including hot stone massages and more. The Cornelia Diamond Resort also offers a Ayurvedic Detox. This uses natural therapies, holistic massages, treatments, and meditation among others things, to try and restore peace of mind amongst its guests.

FAQs about Cornelia

Where is Cornelia located?
Cornelia is located in a golfing paradise on the southern coast of Turkiye, looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. No fewer than ten other resorts on the NCG Top 100 European Golfing Resorts list are located within a ten mile radius of Cornelia. The Turkish capital, Antalya, is around 25 miles to the west. 

What is the nearest airport to Cornelia?
The nearest airport to Cornelia is that of the Turkish capital, Antalya. The country’s biggest airport is situated closer to the resort than the centre of the capital, and is no more than 30 minutes drive. The airport has daily flights to the majority of European countries, with multiple flights to the UK. Antalya Airport is also the hub of Turkish Airlines, the country’s largest airline.

What golf facilities does Cornelia offer? 
The Cornelia Golf Course is the home to a glorious clubhouse. The Pro Shop is located in the clubhouse and there is also a variety of dining options, including the golf club restaurant which is set against the majestic view of the Taurus Mountains.

The David Leadbitter Academy has a driving range which can be used from both ends. There are also three putting greens and two chipping and pitching greens to hone the short game skills. Separate practice areas are also allocated for group sessions.

Does Cornelia offer golf lessons?
The David Leadbitter Golf Academy, the first of its kind in Turkiye, provides golf tuition for all ages and abilities. From individual one-hour lessons to intensive two-day courses and even on course lessons on the Faldo Course, the Academy has something for everyone trying to improve their own games. 

What are the green fees at Cornelia?
As with most resorts on our list, the price of a green fee changes as to whether you are a guest of the hotel attached to the golf course or not. That is the same for the Faldo Course at Cornelia.

To play 18 holes on the Championship Course is €130 at its most expensive for hotel guests, with it costing €160 for those not staying at the Cornelia Resort. Those rates come down in increments, right to the height of summer and depth of winter. The price in those times is €95 for hotel guests and €110 for the public.

Is Cornelia suitable for families? 
Both the Cornelia De Luxe Resort and the Cornelia Diamond Resort have kids clubs. At the Cornelia De Luxe, there are mini discos every night, with interactive games, pool parties and much more for those aged between 4 and 12. They also have special facilities for babies and children aged up to 3. There is also a special corner in the main restaurant, where parents can prepare baby food themselves. 

The Cornelia Diamond Resort is the host of the Cornie Kids Club. There are three cinemas, and a games room for teenagers which includes video games. There is an outdoor playground and a soft indoors playground as well, with seating capacity for 200 kids in their specialised dining area. There is also an open air movie theatre for children, which also seats 200. 

What accommodation is on offer at Cornelia?
There is an incredible range of accommodation on offer across the resorts. Cornelia De Luxe Resort and Cornelia Diamond Resort both offer standard rooms, right the way up to suites with rooftop views. Meanwhile, the Cornelia Azure Villas provide a bit of privacy for larger families. 

What other resorts are nearby?
Cornelia is in a prime spot for golf, with several other resorts on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list within a ten mile stretch of land on the Belek coastline.

Titanic Cullinan Links, Antalya GC, Kaya Palazzo, National Golf Club, Carya and Sueno are to the west. The Montgomerie Maxx Royal borders Cornelia to the east, with Gloria and the Robinson Nobilis further down the coast. All these resorts are within minutes from Cornelia.
Visit Cornelia’s website here.