Ballybunion (Cashen)

Ballybunion (Cashen)

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When Robert Trent Jones first saw the piece of land chosen for the new course at Ballybunion he was "thrilled beyond words".

It is easy to see why.

RTJ, the pre-eminent designer of his age, deemed that it was the finest piece of linksland he had ever seen, and perhaps the finest piece of linksland in the world.

It is a God‑given piece of terrain with, as the American said, "a tumbling free-flowing rhythm of line that is beauty beyond description – a piece of land with the ocean on one side of it, river on the other".

The site was dramatic, as any architect would dream of never mind want. But inevitably that made it a difficult place to route a golf course.

As a result there is some craziness and chaos to the Cashen, and those of a card-and-pencil nature will not especially enjoy it.

But it is unremittingly spectacular, beauty and memroable, with not a boring hole on the scorecard. Chris Bertram